Why are energy-saving products required?

Electrical energy conservation is an important element of energy saving and this can be done by using Energy Saving Products. Energy conservation reduces the energy consumption and energy demand per capita in Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Enviorment.

For the Domestic, Commercial & Industrial buldings it is more econimcal first to invest in energy saving products instead of renewable energy sources. This may sound very strange but it is very true. When one reduces the energy needs intially through enerngy saving products, the Renewable Energy Plant investment will be much less.

The use of energy saving products has a counter effect on increasing energy costs, and can reduce the need for new power plants, and energy import. The reduced energy demand can provide more flexibility in choosing the most preferred methods of energy production.

By reducing emissions, energy conservation is an important part of lessening climate change. Energy conservation facilitates the replacement of non-renewable resources with renewable energy. Energy conservation is often the most economical solution to energy shortages, and is a more environmentally benign alternative to increased energy production.

The New Home Automation Systems


Simple, easy and intuitive, the By-me home automation system is designed to be compatible with every kind of home and lifestyle, helping to make our daily lives easier and more comfortable.

By-me is an easy-to-program Bus system for the coordinated management of all functions traditionally controlled using standard devices such as switches, dimmers, timers and video door entry systems. These devices are not able to interact and therefore cannot be programmed or managed from a single supervision point. With By-me however, the household electrical installation is integrated into a centralised system, allowing for extremely effective regulation and control.

By-me is compatible with Konnex networks to guarantee interoperability with the thousands of products made by companies associated with Konnex, one of the international standards for home and building automation.

Simply by pressing a button, the user can select one of 32 different temperature, lighting and comfort scenes, configured according to daily needs. This reliable and automatic system even communicates via mobile phone when the user is away from home. The system monitors the status of home appliances, promptly reporting alarms. In the event of overload, it cuts power to appliances according to a pre-programmed sequence, thus preventing the inconvenience of blackouts which require power to be switched back on manually at the fuse box.

Safety and security, comfort, energy saving, communication and video door entry are all integrated into a single system which continually adapts to the user's changing demands. Complemented by the Eikon, Idea and Plana series, the By-me home automation system blends in seamlessly with any interior setting.

Centrale By-me e Sistema domotico

Safety and security

The Vimar By-me system helps to considerably increase safety and security in and around the home, by integrating all installation components into a single system which maximises performance and warns the homeowner of impending dangers. The use of a single Bus allows for integration of:

  • natural gas/LPG/carbon monoxide, smoke and water leak detectors. Whenever an appropriately calibrated device detects a dangerous situation, it sends an alarm via SMS and can activate various devices, such as solenoid valves, in order to secure the building
    Rivelatore Di Gas Eikon Bianca Classic Bright Bianco Artico
  • motion detectors which emit an audible alarm and send text message alerts to warn the homeowner of unwanted intrusions. These sensors can be switched on/off using suitable devices (digital keypads, transponder keys etc.) and are controlled and monitored from the control panel or 4.3-inch touch screen. This type of device can perform very different functions to those for which it was designed: in fact a motion detector can be used to switch lights on or off, in the same way that a window sensor can be used to automatically switch off the air conditioning or central heating 
    Touch Screen Eikon Bianca Round Bright Bianco Artico Antintrusione Tastierino Digitale Rivelatore Presenze
  • Indoor cameras to set up a CCTV video surveillance system. Particularly useful in households with infants or toddlers, enabling parents to keep their children constantly under guard via the control panel monitor or a television screen, using the baby watching function
    Centrale Eikon Bianca Telecamera Da Interni Eikon Bianca Classic Bright Bianco Artico


By-me takes home comfort to the next level

.Touch Screen Eikon Glass Bianco Ice Salotto Cronotermostato Eikon Bianca Round Bright Bianco Artico Tasti Domotici Eikon Bianca Round Bright Bianco Artico

  • The climate in individual or multiple rooms can be programmed not only based on the ambient temperature or the time of day, but also according to whether or not there are people in the room, the position of the windows and the temperature in adjacent rooms. It can also be part of a preset automation scene. Commands can be centralised or local, e.g. subdivided into zones. Furthermore the system components and operational software can be controlled via mobile phone, which is an extremely useful feature for second-home owners.
  • Lighting control goes hand-in-hand with improved comfort and energy saving. With By-me you can create custom scenes to suit your needs, such as switching on groups of lights in certain conditions or for special occasions, or switching off all lights when going out. The possibilities are limitless.
  • Even some basic household operations such as opening and closing rolling shutters, blinds, doors and gates, can be automated and controlled by By-me in a simple and user-friendly way. The home automation system controls the relative motors based on climatic or weather conditions, the presence or otherwise of people, and preset scenes. The system can therefore play a vital role in homes with elderly or physically impaired residents.

Energy saving

Touch Screen 4,3 Pollici Controllo carichiPresa Supervisionata

Load control and monitoring is an important power-saving feature of the Vimar By-me home automation system. Basically it monitors power usage around the clock, automatically intervening when the preset values are exceeded in order to prevent the risk of power failure due to overload. In this way, it saves the homeowner the inconvenience of having to reset the main switch at the fuse box, which is often hard to access. The system can therefore be programmed so that, in the event of overload, it automatically disconnects supervised sockets from loads which have been previously identified as non-priority. The additional integration of climate and lighting control functions further enhances the home automation system’s energy-saving credentials. For example, it is possible to set the ambient temperature to maintain a standby (e.g. low consumption) value whenever no-one is at home, or to have the lights switch off automatically when you leave.

Touch Screen Eikon Bianca Round Bright Bianco Artico Antintrusione Centrale Eikon Bianca Classic


This is where the By-me home automation system comes into its own compared with conventional lighting and electrical installations. The parameters of the entire system can be programmed and modified at any time. This means that all of the functions installed in the home (burglar alarm, lighting scenes, climate, automations, load control etc.) can be monitored and managed centrally from the control panel, or locally via the touch screen. This centralisation of all applications drastically simplifies home automation control and helps to economise on time and resources.


The By-me home automation system communicates with the user in different ways.

Applicazione Media Center

  •  Via mobile phone. With a simple text message, for example, it is possible to activate and deactivate the burglar alarm, communicate break-in alerts, set the climate and control the various comfort and lighting scenes. Various technical alarms - for example relating to power failures, gas or water leaks - can also be received via mobile phone.

  • By means of the Vimar application for Microsoft Media Centre, you can link up to the home automation system via your TV screen – using a straightforward remote control - or PC, turning it into a comprehensive control station that integrates home automation and entertainment. This means that you can supervise your entire home simply and intuitively, managing burglar alarms, video monitoring, climate, lighting, automation and video door entry. All of this while watching a movie comfortably seated on the sofa, listening to your favourite music or working in front of the computer.

Video door entry unit

Centrale Byme Eikon Bianca Classic Bright Bianco Artico Vidocitofonia Targa Esterna Videocitofonica

By incorporating one or more external video call panels into the home automation system, it is possible to make contact with visitors and control access to the home. You can display images of callers, open the electric door/gate lock, turn on entrance lights and make intercom calls, all via the control panel.


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