LED . Light Emission Diode

The unique properties of the LED are expanding the applications of light considerably. LED light can be put in places that are difficult to reach. An LED light lasts for more than ten years before it has to be replaced.

These lights have no glass components and will not break even after being dropped or after a violent impact. LEDs are exceedingly strong. They can be used safely in the bathroom or the sauna. These lights can also be grasped when they are on. LED lights can be directly connected to power sources such as solar panels.

LED offers new perspectives for lighting in the living room, the garden, terrace, boats, caravans the work room, spotlighting display windows & theatre spots you can conjure up every colour without filters.

Advantages of LED light:

  • Long lasting - highly durable, lasts for at least 10 years;

  • 90% more energy efficient than the incandescent bulb and 60% more than the halogen lamp;

  • Safe - hardly give off any heat, and there is no UV or infrared rays;

  • Vivid - clearly visible in sunlight, without time-lag;

  • Pure - reproduce colours faithfully from soft and warm to hard and cool;

  • Able to create an atmosphere - the intensity of the light, as well as the colours, is adjustable.


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